DriveClub VR runs at 60fps, but gets converted to 120fps with reprojection

Evolution Studios now has DriveClub up and running for Sony’s PlayStation VR, with a playable demo of the game making an appearance behind closed doors at Paris Games Week. Despite the hefty graphical horsepower required to produce an immersive virtual reality experience, DriveClub manages to run at 60 frames per second in VR. But that’s not all; with the help of Playstation VR’s reprojection technology, the game will run at 120 frames per second.


This was confirmed in a tweet by the President of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, which can be seen below.

Under the hood, reprojection adds an artificial frame between the first and second frame, allowing DriveClub to look smoother than 60fps. This artificial frame is created via Sony’s reprojection software, which takes data from the first and second frame and comes up with a mid-point frame to place in between.

Earlier today, Evolution’s Paul Rustchynsky explained to Eurogamer that certain cutbacks have been made in order to get DriveClub working at 60fps. For starters, the car count has been reduced from 12 to eight competitors. In addtion, certain trackside detail as well as the weather system have being dialled back to ensure a consistent frame rate. The rear-view mirrors have also been disabled, though Evolution Studios is looking to get them working in a future build.


DriveClub VR is currently just a prototype, but the odds of it being turned into a finished product are quite high. Given the studio’s long-term commitment to the title, it’s only natural for it to receive support for Playstation VR down the line.

Does the thought of a VR version of DriveClub fascinate you enough to make you a potential early adopter for Playstation VR? Let us know in the comments below.

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