DriveClub: Weather System Video Is Post-E3 Build, Still In Early Stage For Weather System

Evolution Studios recently showed a glimpse of their weather system for DriveClub. These videos showcased a visual fidelity that has yet to be seen in any racing video game. If you were impressed by these videos, you should know that they were taken from an early build of the game, or as the game director Paul Ruskchynsky put it, “right after E3.” He also assured that the the newest build is much improved compared to the one seen in the video, and jaggies are now reduced for the powerlines.


Evolution Studios’ Senior Community Manager, Jaime Bradshaw confirmed that the rainfall video is from an early version of the weather system. These comments were also echoed Alex Perkins, Art Director of DriveClub. According to Perkins, the weather system still requires a lot of tweaking before they are satisfied with it, and they are working hard everyday to improve it.

Regardless of the fact that this was from an early build, it was definitely one of the best looking racing game on a console, and one of the best looking weather effects in a racing game.

DriveClub is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 this October.

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