DriveClub Won’t Feature Forced Microtransactions, Confirms Design Director

DriveClub Design Director Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed on Twitter that the game won’t feature forced microtransactions, that impact the progress of players in the game.

On Twitter, Paul Rustchynsky shared the review of the latest Trials Frontier on smartphones, which apparently featured forced microtranscations impacting the experience of players in the game. I decided to ask him about DriveClub, and whether it will feature any sort of microtransactions or not. Paul Rustchynsky replied back with a simple “Absolutely” confirming their intentions that they don’t plan to include them in DriveClub.


DriveClub is a PS4 exclusive title, that was supposed to launch alongside the PS4. The game had to go through some unfortunate delays and has yet to get a confirmed release date.

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