Drone by Evolution Controllers, One Controller Solution To A Multitude Of Devices

Controllers come in many shapes and sizes. From the first controller of Nintendo Entertainment System to the evolutionary design of the DualShock for the PlayStation One which included dual analog sticks, controllers have come a long way ever since. Controllers nowadays range from featuring touchpad to trackpads and also work wirelessly (Bluetooth, WiFi). With the recent increase in power of the smartphones and the gaming on them, many smartphone developers are also manufacturing a controller to be used exclusively for smartphones for gaming. These controllers however have certain limitations like they will only work with the smartphone that was manufactured by the organization.

Drone is a new type of controller by Evolution Controllers. Sporting a lightweight, portable body which is easy to carry around and durability which will give you the feel of a mainstream type of controller. What sets Drone apart from all the other controllers is that it connect with a multitude of devices. You can use Drone to connect to an OUYA device, an iPhone, an Android phone, Tablets or PC etc, anything you prefer. Drone feats an open source environment, which means if you want the controller to support for your device, you can simply download the source code, work on it and upload your own custom firmware on to Drone via micro USB cable and make it work with anything. With a portable body you can connect and use the controller easily anywhere at anytime, whether you’re in a restaurant waiting for your order to arrive or on the travel. However, regarding the size of the controller and buttons, it is okay to be a bit skeptical about the ergonomics and many might feel that the controller is too small for their hands.

Drone features Dual Analog sticks with asymmetrical positioning, similar to how a Xbox controller looks like, a Dpad, 2 Bumpers, 2 Triggers, Start/Select+ and A,B,X,Y buttons. All the buttons that you would normally find on a controller are present. Drone uses Bluetooth technology to connect and work with the devices. It packs a rechargeable lithium ion battery which gives up to 17+ hrs of straight gaming and has a four-hour complete charge period and a standby time of upto 7+ days. Drone is also available in a variety of colours to bright up your life and match your style. The available colours for Drone are: Glossy Black, Matte Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Drone launched its Kickstarter campaign successfully on October 23 and will stretch a period of 30 days. So far Drone has received positive feedback and has raised a total of $23,679 with a pledged goal of $30,000.

It is really interesting to see such a concept take flight and with the help of Drone it will eliminate the need of buying separate controllers for your smartphone devices or tablets and you can just connect all the devices with just one controller. We can truly say that Drone is that one controller to rule them all.

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