Dying Light Crafting Components Farming Locations Guide

Following is a quick rundown of where you can salvage various crafting components in Dying Light:

Bolter Tissue – Search Bolter Bodies
Alcohol – Refrigerators
Hunter Gland – Search Hunter Bodies
Batteries – Toolkits
Blade – Toolkits
Chemicals – Cabinets, Kitchen Areas
Fluorescent Mushrooms – Caves
Duct Tape – Toolkits, Workshops
Common Plant – Wilderness Areas
Underwater Algae – Coastal Areas (Underwater)
Toxic Plant – Cliff Areas
Tin Can – Toolkits, Containers
String – Dressers, Simple Containers
Power Cable – Industrial Areas, Warehouses
Plastic – Toolkits, Containers
Nails – Warehouses, Supply Rooms,Dressers
Home Supplies – Dressers, Cabinets
Gauze – Medicine Cabinets
Electronics – Toolkits and Locked Containers
Metal Parts – Trash Bins, Dismantled Items

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