Dying Light: Easter Eggs Quests; Locations and walkthrough

Dying Light is a 2015 survival horror video game developed by Polish video game developer Techland and published by Warner Bros. It is based on a zombie apocalypse where you try to save yourself from a viciously spreading zombie infection.

Dying light offers several different catchy and addictive experiences for a player for example the widespread of precious easter eggs in the game. These easter eggs can provide the user with some unique weapons, machinery and other neat things.

Dancing Zombies
This easter egg can be triggered in the werewolf escort mission. While walking with Babar, head inside to the second hangar which Babar passes by. Theres an electric switch inside the hangar near the entrance which can be activated to make the zombies dance!

Loot Cave
Theres a cage in the slums in the northeastern part which pays homage to the famous Destiny Loot Cave. Jump a small barricade by the water and swim through a tunnel to reach the cave.

Korek Machete
Go towards the northern end of the slums, enter the middle safe zone and then move towards east to a building shaped like a C Clamp. You’ll find a blue tool box at the top of the building. Kick it around 75 times to reveal a blue print of the Korek Machete. It’s a Deadly weapon providing 600 damage by a single hit!

Ray McCall
Ray McCall is a figure the player can interact with. It can be bought during the Gunslinger quest from the Pawn shop and would appear in the room later.

Stasis Field Projector
Stasis Field Projector is an alien weapon which can be found during the Rupert the Gunsmith quest line. Explore the magic fortress in Old town. Go to the empty room of Kindergarten on the floor above Rupert’s. There’s a Pink teddy bear there which needs to be activated a couple dozen times before it explodes and reveals the blue print for the SFP.

Wall of Fame
There’s a wall with a lot of pictures on it of missing people outside the Tower.

World 1-1
World 1-1 is a gameplay like Super Mario in the Dying Light.Climb to the rooftop of the last building in the south-western corner of Old town. Jump onto a strange-looking pipe there and try to open it. This leads you to the World 1-1 gameplay. Kill all the enemies by jumping on them just like Mario. There’s a hidden brick, smash it with your head to reveal the blueprint.

Excalibur is a mighty two handed sword. Player need’s to swim out to a small island in the south-eastern part of the map where there is a dead transfixed by a sword. Once there, hold the trigger for nearly 120 seconds and try to use the sword which would result in burning up and disappearing of the body and then leaving behind the blueprint for the Expcalibur.

The Clicker
The clicker was first shown in ‘The last of Us’ horror video game which is sort of mysterious headed Zombie. During the bunker mission once player get’s the objective to ‘Get inside the Bunker’, get inside the Town Hall, walk upstairs and stand in front of the Elevator. As the Elevator door opens a Clicker appers. Kill the Clicker and you’ll be able to loot it.

After a while passes in the game, a guitar appears inside the room in the Tower. Although when you play it, it sounds quite terrible. Later on, when player searches through the school, a book about playing a guitar can be found. Read the book to improve your guitar playing skills.

Left Ball of Glova
Left ball of Glova is named after the lead gameplay developer. To get to its blue print, player needs to find two stones. Both are in the Old Town area. One on the edge of the beach, southwest side of the museum. The second, on a ledge above ground level behind the titled tower to the northwest. When you have both the stones, go inside Ishaq’s apartment. Place the stones inside the eye sockets of the skull to reveal the blueprint reward.

Sick Bomb
Sick bomb is a grenade which references to one of the lead designer who’s nick name is ‘Sick’. On the Tower roof top there’s a place to play checkers near the crane. Make a move on the board, leave the tower, then return to make another move. Do this repeatedly and win the game to earn the blueprint of the Sick Bomb. These Easter Eggs are wide-spread and going after them gives the user a wild experience and a chance to explore the game more.

As always if you have any trouble finding these Easter Eggs, feel free to let us know in the comments and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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