Dying Light: Escorts Side quests; Locations and guide

Dying Light is a 2015 survival horror video game developed by Polish video game developer Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Escort missions are a type of side quests in Dying light. It simply requires you to find someone who needs to be escorted, get him to required location and just keep him safe. There are a total of 5 Escort missions in this game. To find the people who need to be Escorted you need to look upon the Slums near the Tower.

The Salesman

To Start the Side quest, first locate Faruk (The Salesman); he’ll be sitting on a bench in the Slums near the Tower. This Escort mission requires you to protect Faruk from any attacks. In the first half of the mission protecting him is quite easy. But in the Second half, you’ll need a nice assault rifle or a melee weapon as you’ll run into a couple Rais’ men or something even more dangerous. The quest ends when you get back to the Tower. You get a Fire Launcher Blueprint for completing this escort mission.


The fisherman, Omar, stands outside the tower. You have to get him a couple of items and escort him to his favourite fishing spot to complete the quest. But in your way, you’ll find a couple of biters, virals, toads and a Goon. Goon would be the most difficult to counter, which you’ll come across at the bridge. The hint is to shoot the explosive barrels before things get worse in order to control the situation and escort him safely. You’ll get a GTFO blueprint as a reward.

Nick Pesto

You’ll find Nick in the slums. He is to be escorted back to the tower. On your way when you reach to Rais’ men, use firecrackers to divert their attention and perform stealth skills. Then Nick’ll take you inside a building to get his passport. You’ll be attacked by some enemies whom you’ll have to kill on your own. The hint here is to always be on the move and stroke a couple hits now and then. When you’ll reach the tower you’ll face a goon. Kill it and you’re done with the escort. You get a badass blueprint as your reward.

Poaching from Rais

Ahmet is a former member of Rais’ army whom you’ll find hiding in a small blue building near the southwest edge of the tower. He needs to be escorted to a stash. You come across some biters on your way and some Rais’ men near the railway. To take them out effectively, use a long-range weapon such as Assault rifleand start killing them from a distance. For more efficiency and also for if you don’t have a long range weapon, start killing from the guy on the roof and then come towards the bottom enemies. Near the end you’ll encounter a couple more biters, a goon which is coupled with several foes. A use of an assault rifle here also would be the best. The mission ends as you return to the tower. You get a Puff Puff Pass blueprint as your reward.

A Werewolf

The guy who is infected with the werewolf disease, Babar, would be found in the heart of the slums. He will ask help on getting the ingredients through which he’ll make a potion to heal his disease.
You’ll need to go to the market to get the ingredients before heading back to the tower. There’s not much threat in this escort mission, except for a goon which you’ll face on your way back to the tower. Get ease in killing it with the use of an assault rifle. The quest ends when you reach the tower. You get a Holy Ghost blueprint as your reward.

These Escort missions are side quests in Dying light which are although not compulsory to be completed by every player, but is an interesting part of the game and provides the users with magnificent rewards. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have in the comments below.

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