Dying Light Graphics Improved In Latest Update On The PS4

Dying Light was released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC earlier this year. It was a solid effort on the current generation systems running at 1080p and 30 fps for the most part. However, it unfortunately lacked in term of level-of-detail on the current generation systems resulting in a level-of-detail quality that was noticeably lower than even the lowest on PC. This issue seems to have been fixed in the latest update for Dying Light on the PS4. It is unclear whether it carries over to the Xbox One version or not.

You can see a comparison of the PS4 version of the game running before and after the latest patch, which seems to have improved the level-of-detail for Dying Light on the PS4.

If you want to check out this comparison in a higher quality, you can take a look at the direct feed images below. (Left = Before Patch, Right = After Patch)


dyinglight-ps4-before-1 dyinglight-ps4-after-1[/twentytwenty] [twentytwenty]dyinglight-ps4-before-2 dyinglight-ps4-after-2[/twentytwenty]

It is pretty apparent from the above comparison that the level-of-detail has received a boost in quality, best seen on the trees and grass rendered at a distance. The crane in the distance, as seen in the second comparison, is rendered much better now. In addition to this, the AF has also been increased resulting in better ground textures at a distance.

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