Dying Light PC (High/Low) vs. PS4 Screenshot Comparison: PS4 Holds Surprisingly Well At 1080p Against PC

Dying Light is a recently released open world survival horror adventure from the creators of Dead Island series. This new IP aims to take the already successful formula of Dead Island series and adds parkour elements to the mix. Players can roam around in an open world where danger lurks around every corner. The ability to use parkour to climb almost any obstacle certainly makes the gameplay much more fun than the simple hack and slash of Dead Island.

Now that Dying Light is out on all the current generation platforms and PC, it is time to see how well the PS4 version manages to hold against the PC version of the game.

The first comparison is between the High quality preset (the max possible settings on PC) to the PS4 version.

PC version (High) versus PS4 version (Click on each link for image or check the slider comparison below)

[twentytwenty]dying-light-pc (1) dying-light-ps4[/twentytwenty]


Next up is the PC version at the lowest settings against the PS4 version.

PC version (Low) versus PS4 version

[twentytwenty]dying-light-pc (2) dying-light-ps4[/twentytwenty]


The above comparison makes it clear the PS4 version is running at close to high settings on PC, albeit with tweaks to the shadows/textures and draw distance.

Finally here is another comparison between the PC version (High) and PS4 version.

PC version (High) versus PS4 version

[twentytwenty]dying-light-pc (3) dying-light-ps4-2[/twentytwenty]


If anything is apparent from the above comparison, it is the fact that Dying Light seems to be well optimized for the consoles, atleast in term of graphical features. The game manages to hold well against the PC version of the game, but with the restriction of 30 fps compared to the 60+ fps for the PC version (provided you have the hardware for it). If you don’t own a good PC rig to play Dying Light, the PS4 version should be a good option.

What do you think about this comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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