Dying Light; Posters location and challenges

Dying Light is a breakthrough into the virtual zombie world. The game has been getting some pretty positive reviews after its release last month.

When you reach the Old Town in Dying light, you’ll be introduced to a new sort of challenges; Posters. You get 10000 XP as a reward for starting the poster challenges. There are in total 9 posters in the game and this guide is going to provide you the walkthrough in finding and completing those poster challenges.

Poster 1

Location: To West of the town’s centre

In this challenge you’ll be sent on the rooftop with a double barrel shotgun in your hand with infinite ammo. The volatiles would be trying to climb up to the balcony and you’ll have to kill them all before they climb up and attack you.

Once you’re done with them, jump down to the ground and more of them will start coming towards you. Kill them all, while keeping a safe distance from them. And make sure you do this quickly, before the timer runs out! The shotgun is damn fun by the way.

Poster 2

Location: To Northeast edge of the Town’s centre

You are given this challenge during the daytime. You have to kill 8 mutants, by using the takedown. The use of distractions for the infectious mutants is not allowed in this challenge therefore it is made a bit difficult.The best way to do it is to use a Vault Knockdown. With a Vault Knockdown the mutants become stun and then you can charge in for an attack to Takedown. To be it easier it is better to charge from the rooftop since you’ll find isolated enemies there.

If you do not have the Vault Knockdown, then you’ll just have to be vigilant and alert and would have to take down the enemies one by one by creeping behind them.

Poster 3

Location: North of the town’s center

To complete this challenge you need to climb a small tower as quickly as possible.First, jump from the starting railing and run towards the towers ahead. Then leap into the small canopy and make your way to the building on the right side. Then you can climb the tower as quickly as possible.

Poster 4

Location: Northeast edge of town’s centre

To complete this challenge you need to jump into the sea and retrieve 6 boxes. First dive as deep as you can into the right side and collect the 4 boxes there. Then come to the water surface and swim to the other side. Dive in there and collect the remaining 2 boxes there.

Poster 5

Location: Farthest east of the map

You need to climb a tower in this quest. Now instead of the climbing the tower from the front side, it’d be easier if you climb it from the back side instead. Note that you have ample time so there is more need of steadyness rather than a rush.

First climb towards the back of the tower and then climb through an open window. Do it carefully so you don’t fall inside the building. Then keep climbing the tower and you’ll eventually come across a ravel. Just climb the ladder and you’d have completed your challenge.

Poster 6

Location: Southeastern edge of the map

For this challenge you are required to kill 8 Gas tanks and for doing so you’ll be having infinite ammo.The best way to kill the gas tanks are to first aim for the legs of the gas tank to trip them.Then as they’re trying get up, you take them down by shooting the head of the gas tank. If you’re unable to find anymore gas tanks to kill, then run towards the parked vehicles and you’ll find plenty of them there.

Poster 7

Location: South side of the map

This challenge is a race. Instead of going to the ground level, jump first gap using the cables. Also, swimming for a longer period of tie isn’t going to help you win the race. Get up and start to run as soon as you can to the final waypoint. Furthermore, upgrade your agility skills to make the race a bit easier.

Poster 8

Location: Northwest edge of the map

This challenge is also a race. You’ll get ample time to complete it but you’ll have to avoid the damage you get from toads on your way. Instead of killing them and wasting your bullets, throw firecrackers to distract them and keep going on your track to reach the final checkpoint and end the race.

Poster 9

Location: Near the town centre

This is a climbing challenge. Get on top of a van near the blue structure under the bridge and climb onto the roof top. Now keep on going and you’ll end the challenge.

After done with all the poster challenges, you’ll get a chance on the Exploding throwing stars blueprint. Get to the Bozak (appears on the map) and kill the madman and get the blueprint. Have any questions regarding Dying Light? Feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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