‘Dying Light’: Talking into Your Headset’s Mic To Attract Zombies

The introduction of the Next-Gen Consoles has given game developers the freedom to make games unlike any other. They can experiment and push the games to their maximum potential. The Next-Gen consoles have amazed us since there release in November. Visuals are an obvious difference that come to mind when we compare the current gen consoles to the next gen consoles but there’s more. a new mechanism has been added to the game where talking into the headset’s mic can attract zombies towards you.

Producer on Dying Light, Tymon Smektala, talked about the numerous differences players will see between the current and next-generation versions of Dying Light, one of them being the ability to draw zombies to you by using your voice.


“If you play the game on PC or next-gen consoles, you’ll get the
benefit of some additional features making the whole thing even
better. We’ve talked about some of them already – like the fact that
you can draw zombies to your location by screaming to your headset. It
works wonders in co-op!

“Gameplay-wise it’s the same – you should get the same experience and
the same emotions whether you play the game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 4
or PC. Of course, on some platforms it will look much better, but the
overall experience should be the same.

“It’s a hard task for the dev team – two factors that influence our
game most are the number of zombies on screen and the fluidity of
movement. To keep them intact on all the platforms you have to be an
optimization wizard – but our plan is to do everything it takes not to
sacrifice the gameplay,” Smektala said.

This is a feature a few developers are trying to use in their games. Thief has a similar mechanism. This is quiet an interesting feature. This feature , if used properly, can be very useful and adds a whole new dimension to the game and makes it more interactive. Although having the feature on all the time can be a little frustrating. Imagine, you are near a horde of zombies and someone comes into the room and makes a lot of noise. Then you’re pretty much screwed. This game does not have a confirmed release date yet but we should hear more about that in the coming months.

Abdullah Raza


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