E-Sports: Nevada Gaming Control Board imposed a ban on Daily Fantasy sport sites

The Nevada Gaming Control Board recently issued a ban on daily fantasy E-sports sites such as Draftkings and Vulcun. The prize pool of eSports grew from $500 to $18 million in the matter of a few years. Due to the huge prize pool of various tournaments, more people bet their real money on professional teams. The daily fantasy sport sites have become the easiest source of making money through betting. The sites produced $2.6 Billion over the last few years.

The recent ban on daily fantasy sport site by Nevada Gaming Control Board has created a lot of problems for the owners of the sites as well as for the people of Nevada who used to bet their money on them. The Nevada gaming control board mentioned that any form of betting on sports is a form of gambling and this led to shut down the fantasy sport sites in the state. The Daily Fantasy sport sites are banned in the state of Nevada till they are properly licensed under the gambling law. According to professional lawyers, these licenses are expensive and the whole process may take a lot of time.

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Moreover, the states of Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington have also banned these Daily Fantasy Sport sites. This banning system might also impact the states in Europe. Although these legal actions might not be able to ban all of the Daily Fantasy sport sites, they will certainly impact them in a negative way.

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