EA Access Free Week On Xbox Live Gold Offers Free Games In Vault But Not Play First Trials

EA Access can be used for free this week if you have a Xbox Live Gold membership, however it comes with a limitation that might not sit well with some users.

If you were hoping to use EA Access free week to play the 10-hour trials that are offered for almost all the newly released EA games, you should tone down your expectations as EA has confirmed on Twitter that they won’t allow 10-hour trials for this free week to Xbox Live Gold members.


This means that if you want to play some of the recent games like Star Wars Battlefront or FIFA 16, you won’t be able to play them for free via EA Access this week. You can still play all the games for free that are available in the EA Access vault including Dragon Age Inquisition, Battlefield Hardline and more.

They also confirmed the Play First 10-hour Trials date for Unravel and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Keep in mind that for Unravel, it only includes the first two levels that you can play for 10-hour.

In addition to this, EA is also interested in adding backwards compatible games to EA Access. It is possible that just like Origin Access on PC, users can enjoy games like Dead Space and Dragon Age Origins on their Xbox One.

You can play them through a regular subscription of EA Access on the Xbox One, which ranges from $4.99 for a month to $29.99 for the whole year. It also includes the 10-hour trials, free EA games and around 10% discount on all the EA games available on the Xbox Live Store.

EA has also recently announced this service for PC. They have named it Origin Access and it offers the same features and follows the same pricing model but includes different games than Xbox One’s EA Access.

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