EA Access subscribers will receive an exclusive Dragon Age: Inquisition bonus

Last week, EA added Dragon Age: Inquisition to the list of games available on its EA Access service for the Xbox One. Keeping in-line with last week’s big freebie, the publisher is now giving away a special Dragon Age: Inquisition bonus to EA Access subscribers.


Starting today, when you fire up the EA Access app on your Xbox One, you’ll be entitled to receive a free multiplayer chest for use within the game. As to what’s inside the chest is anyone’s guess, but we’re guessing it’s likely to carry some rare weapons and items.

The code you receive for the multiplayer chest can only be redeemed once. The offer lasts until August 19, so subscribers should be sure to grab the bonus chest within this week.

In the comments below, let us know about the items you received as part of your Dragon Age: Inquisition bonus.


Muhammad Ali Bari

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