EA and The Walt Disney Company make a ‘Multi-Year Star Wars Games Agreement’

Today, EA announced that they would be making a ‘Multi Year Star Wars Game Agreement’ that promises to bring more Star Wars games to all of the popular platforms across the most popular of genres. While EA and its subsidiary studios (Bioware, Visceral and DICE) will be primarily involved with the development of the ‘ Triple A’  titles, Disney will retain specific rights to be able to develop exclusively for the mobile, tablet, social and online game markets.


EA being chosen as the developer to produce more games for the series seems like a no brainer, seeing as they have developed very solid Star Wars games in the past. The most recent title being Star Wars: The Old Republic. While the sales  and constant decrease in users don’t reflect it,  the MMO received generally high scores and was praised for its captivating  story and engaging gameplay. So giving Bioware sovereign over the development of future titles will leave many fans of the franchise in a sigh of relief.


Once the word got out that Lucasarts was sold to Disney, rumors started to spread that the highly anticipated title Star Wars 1313 had been canned. While it hasn’t canned completely, it has been put on a hiatus. Perhaps with this new ‘Agreement’ plan, fans can hold out a bit more hope for the promising title that was Star Wars 1313. Either way, this is a step in right direction for a franchise who has always done well financially under the discretion of EA.

For the full press release, click here.

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