EA Montreal’s New IP Will Offer ‘Living And Breathing’ World, Reinvent Action Games

EA Montreal’s Motive Studios is currently developing a new IP with the project lead being none other than Jade Raymond. She has previously worked at Ubisoft with the Assassin’s Creed series and she is currently working at EA to create a brand new ambitious IP for them along with overseeing some other projects.

Jade Raymond recently shared some details about her new project that is a brand new IP in an interview with GameInformer.

“We’re trying to reinvent action-adventure games for the future, an action-adventure game that lives on and the world is dynamic, living, and breathing, I think that’s a great problem to solve because we make these amazing worlds and then you play through them and they are gone. What does a dynamic one look like?”

Raymond further added: “We’re working on a construct where even if you might not say, ‘Okay, like Assassin’s Creed it’s got to support a box so it’s different every year,’ It won’t be that; we’re building it so that it can support major changes that keep the experience fresh more within the construct of still staying live.”

She also stresses that her aim with the game is to not just present a narrative that lets you shoot and kill. She wants to create a game that lets the player explore.

“‘Explore’ is a big one. One of the goals for Motive and the types of games that we’re making is games allow for relentless discovery. We want to build worlds without limits that allow for relentless discovery and experiences worth sharing. That’s our mission.”

It will be interesting to see what kind of project is developed under her direction but from what we have heard so far, it definitely sounds a lot interesting than a traditional game.

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