EA Originals: Helping smaller games shine, announces Fe

Today, during its E3 2016 press conference, EA announced EA Originals, a new program which will commit to helping out smaller developers by partnering with them and helping them bring their hardwork to life.

During last year’s press conference, EA helped developer Coldwood Interactive bring Unravel, a small game with its own unique visual style, to life. The way EA Originals intends to work is by promoting smaller developers by giving them whatever help they need in the form of advertising, marketing and development. The success of these games is what powers the EA Originals program, as they look to bring said games to a larger market, where any profit generated is given straight back to the developers’ hands.


The first game released through the EA Originals program is Fe, and atmosphere adventure made by Swedish developers Zoink. Here is the gameplay trailer below:

Fe is an exploration game that explores our relationship with nature. You wake up in an unknown forest as a tiny little creature, unaware of your surroundings. You start to discover more as you come across plants and animals, which come with their own songs. The more you uncover, the more you start to see how things interconnect. Learning these songs allows you to explore more and more of the world.

So Fe is this year’s Unravel? How do you feel about about the incentive EA Originals is taking to help smaller studios? What do you think of Fe? Let us know in the comments below!

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