EA Reveals New Rent-A-Server Features And Prices For Battlefield 1

For years now, Battlefield players have been able to rent their own servers to play on. This allowed server admins to set up their own matches and have their own rules while playing. Players are eagerly waiting for the same service to come to Battlefield 1.

In previous games of the Battlefield series, players were able to rent servers from third party providers. However, in Battlefield 1, players can only rent servers from EA. EA will be renting servers directly to Battlefield 1 players, eliminating the need for third party providers.

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EA will be launching the Rent-A-Server service later this month, and will be providing the service for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Renting a server gives you the option to change the in-game settings for the game. As the server admin, you can toggle settings like Friendly Fire, Fog, Kill-Cams, and more.

You can see all the settings that the admins will be able to change in the image below:

battlefield 1 server info

The prices for renting a server have also revealed. Prices for both, Console servers and PC servers, are given below:


  • 1 day: $2.99
  • 7 days: $11.99
  • 30 days: $42.99
  • 90 days: $99.99
  • 180 days: $149.99


  • 1 day: $1.99
  • 7 days: $7.99
  • 30 days: $26.99
  • 90 days: $64.99
  • 180 days: $99.99

As you can clearly see, the servers on the PC are more expensive compared to the ones on the PS4 and Xbox One. EA has announced that the rent-a-server service will be available sometime this month.

Battlefield 1 is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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