EA sets new Ground Rules for FIFA 15, will ban coin farmers and traders

One of the biggest problems with FIFA 14 Ultimate Team was with the transfer market. Coins traders and botters would greatly exaggerate player prices making them unaffordable to the average player. EA just issued some brand new rules today that hope to fix the market for FIFA 15.

EA in a post on their blog explained how the recent server issues with the market were mainly because of the bots executing constant searches looking for cheap players. These bots then sell the players for profit, and sell the coins they earn on their websites. So the bots are an instant ban from now on.


Buying the aforementioned coins and promoting websites selling them are now also banable offenses. Unlike coin selling and farming which is banable after the first offense, buying and promotion has a different ban process. First offense will lead to a warning, second will reset your account and FIFA points and the third will lead to a permanent FIFA ban. EA also wants users to report people promoting coin sellers, so it looks like most FIFA YouTubers are in deep trouble and have to clean up their acts. If you’re not aware, almost every FIFA YouTuber is promoting one coin trader or the other. In return they get coins which they use to buy expensive players which the average player can’t purchase.

EA also focused specifically on PC players, where some cheaters use tools to falsify match results. Those caught will be banned permanently from FIFA. The rules are same for the popular Pro Clubs mode, cheaters there will also be banned permanently.

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As a yearly FIFA player, these changes are most welcomed. Honestly, these made me more excited for FIFA 15 than the game itself. What do you think of the new changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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