EA Not Sure About Microtransactions In Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Despite Hundreds Of Unlockables

Before getting into the he co-op Garden Ops mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, producer Brian Lindley walked us through the Sticker Shop, an expansive item shop that works a lot like Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer ordinance packs, but he didn’t state if the game will allow for microtransactions where players can pay for packs with real money.

Players will be able to spend coin they earn while playing the game and will be able to spend that money in Garden Warfare’s Sticker Shop, and buy different packs of items and unlocks.

The Garden Warfare’s sticker shop provides a ton of stickers. The Peashooter alone had 150 stickers to collect and there are eight playable characters between Plants and Zombies. So expect tonnes of stickers available in the Garden Warfare’s Sticker store.

But keep your credit cards in your pockets.The game will probably launch without the controversial microtransactions EA has helped pioneer.

The developers were quiet confused whether there will be packs that can be bought with real money or not. Adding microtransactions after launch isn’t a hard task for EA but we hope that earning unlocks proves more rewarding, satisfying which will result in no microtractions in the game in the future.

Abdullah Raza


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