Eagle Flight Makes Its Way To Oculus Rift, Available Today

Eagle Flight, Ubisoft’s first VR game, is now available on the Oculus VR platform. Developers claim that the game was specifically designed for VR, and aims to provide maximum comfort.

The game allows the player to fly around a post-apocalyptic Paris in the form of an eagle. The city has been taken over by wildlife and nature. As the game moves quickly, the player needs to navigate through tight confines at a very fast speed. The main aim on the game is to explore the city and fight to keep unwanted creatures away from your territory.


In the story mode of the game, the player may encounter many different types of enemy archetypes, for instance, the vulture, the bat, and the falcon. Although the vultures cannot attack the player, they can be rather annoying. The bats are also less likely to attack the player, however, they possess a strong shield that protects them from the player’s attacks.

Falcons, on the other hand, have all the abilities that the player does, can defend themselves well, and can also attack the player. Of these, the Black Falcon is considered to be the most powerful because of its extended life.

The game features the latest VR technology which allows the player to have precise control over his/her movements and gives an awe-inspiring aerial view of the city.


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