Early PlayStation 4 User Updates His Console Through USB, Reveals PS Store, Install Sizes and More

PlayStation 4 is now only two days away from what seems to be the biggest launch in the history of PlayStation. Many retailers have started shipping the PlayStation 4 to the consumers who have pre-ordered the console in order to meet the delivery time.

CJ, known on twitter as cjcool804, actually got his PlayStation 4 by just walking into his local retail store. He has been kind enough to share information and pictures of his PlayStation 4 and the UI and how some of the settings look like.

Since yesterday, he was unable to update his PlayStation 4 with the Day One update as the update wasn’t live on the direct servers accessed by the PlayStation 4. Today the update went live and he still faced issue in downloading the update directly on the PlayStation 4 and having his patience run out, decided to download the update from the PlayStation site and update using the flash drive method. After updating he was able to sign in to his PSN/SEN ID and was able to access the store.

PlayStation Plus subscribers are offered Contrast and Resogun as free titles for the PlayStation 4 for its launch. CJ proceeded to download Housemarque’s newest title for the PlayStation 4, Resogun. From what we can tell, Resogun has already received 21 ratings and stands at an impressive 5/5 stars. Downloaded games from PSN act differently than disc based games. CJ was able to play Resogun right away after downloading, there was no installation prompt or anything. He states that the installation of the games still happen but automatically in the background.

In addition to that each game has its own Game News page where you can see the recent activity by your friends for the game, check out the manual and more.

He also revealed the size of Contrast which is 2.3GB. Contrast already has gotten 9 ratings and now stand at 4.5/5 stars.

CJ also showed some other free games offered for the PlayStation 4, and a look at the PS Store. The size for DC Universe Online is around 22GB.

Other than that he showed the friends menu on the PlayStation 4 which lists your online friends.

CJ also mentions that the multitasking on the PlayStation 4 has gotten much better. On the PlayStation 3, one would have to wait for the game to install all the way and couldn’t multitask. On PlayStation 4, the installations can be done in the background while you can do other stuff like play games.

PlayStation 4’s apps and games now work like how Apple’s iPhone works like with a single ‘home’ button. No matter in which app you are, if you want to exit or go back you need to press the ‘home’ button. Same is the case with PlayStation 4 now. Whether your in-game or using an app, you just need to press the PS button on the DualShock 4 to be taken back to the main UI. The switching is nearly instant with no lag present.

Stay tuned with us we bring you more information from the world of PlayStation 4.

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