Early PS4 Pro User Shares More Details On Uncharted 4 Load Times, Compares Size And Noise

PS4 Pro will officially launch on November 10th. It isn’t available for purchase unless we get lucky enough to buy it from a store that breaks the street date. Twitter user Juniper Roth is one such user who has managed to snag an early sale of the PS4 Pro due to a mistake from Walmart.

He has shared some interesting information regarding his experience with the console so far including comparing its size with other gaming hardware, sharing screenshots of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End rendered at 4K resolution, as well as talking about his experience with the console, particularly in term of noise to a standard PS4.

Uncharted 4 Running at 4K on PS4 Pro

In term of load times, PS4 Pro appears to be just slightly faster than a standard PS4, or it could be just an effect of the new hard disk, but the user has shared that it took him “35 seconds to load chapter 6”, while it normally average around 40 seconds on a standard PS4.

Uncharted 4 PS4 Pro 4K vs. 1080p Screenshot Comparison Shows Similar Visuals With Sharper IQ

For some users, the PS4 used to sound like a jet engine and there have been complaints of the hardware making too much noise, although it was improved for the Slim. PS4 Pro is much quieter according Juniper Roth, who states that it is “hardly noticeable” when gaming and near silent when watching movies. As for the buttons on the front, they are mechanic/physical as confirmed by Sony and “click nicely” when pressed. There was a size comparison to other hardware and objects which you can check out below.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to share more information on the added benefits of the games running on PS4 Pro as he was stuck with just Uncharted 4. You can see it in action on the PS4 Pro from here. It does look jaw dropping gorgeous at 4K resolution.

PS4 Pro is set to launch on November 10th and will retail for $399. It will also come equipped with 1 TB hard disk while it has an updated SATA 3.0, making it possible to use SSD hard drives in it.

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