Early Xbox One user shows the Boot-up, Set-up and Dashboard in his videos

The Xbox One was reportedly shipped to about 150 lucky users before the official release date. These 150 users managed to get their hands on the Xbox One, but wont be able to utilize its online functions until the official release date. They will be temporarily banned to restrict them from accessing the Live features of the Xbox One.

A number of videos were posted on YouTube by one such lucky user who got his Xbox One early. He shows us the setup, dashboard, boot animation along with his (temporary) console banned message in these videos.

YouTube user scotth0531 posted these videos on his channel, which show him unboxing and setting up the console. He also shows us his “Console Banned” message, which Major Nelson has confirmed to be a temporary ban that will be lifted once the Xbox One officially launches.

You can check out these videos below.


The new boot-up looks clean and slick indeed. For comparison, here is the boot-up animation of the Xbox 360.

It takes roughly 22 seconds for a first time boot. If you want to see how the Welcome screen looks like,  the one that you get after putting the console in standby, you can take a look at this screen here.

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