Elder Scrolls Online Pricing Announced

Bethesda/Zenimax have announced it’s pricing model for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMO.

The release date is April 4th 2014 for the PC. The price will be $59.99 for the standard edition and the 30 days subscription. Monthly subscription will cost $14.99.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions come out in June 2014. The subscription prices for both consoles will be the same as that of the PC. Playstation 4 users will not be required to have a Playstation Plus subscription in addition, however Xbox One users will be required to have a Xbox Live Gold account.

Collectors Edition will also be available in the form of the Imperial Edition. The items included in the Imperial Edition are  a 12 inch statue of Molag Bal, Daedric prince of of domination and enslavement, and the games main antagonist.


The Imperial Edition will cost £89.99 and will include:

  • 12 inch Molag bal statue.
  • Collectors edition box & steelbook packaging.
  • Emperors guide to Tamriel – a 224 page illustrated guide.
  • Printed map of Tamriel.
  • Exclusive DLC, including a Mudcrab pet, a white Imperial horse. mount and Rings of Mara.
  • The ability to play as an imperial regardless of alliance.


There will also be a Digital Imperial Edition available which includes all the digital content of the Imperial version, but non of the physical items.

All those that pre-order either the standard edition or the Imperial Edition will also receive The Explorer’s Pack, which included these digital bonuses:

  • Players can join any alliance, no matter which race you choose
  • The Scuttler vanity pet
  • Bonus treasure maps

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