Elder Scrolls Online Veteran content explained

We are less than a fortnight away from the launch of the hugely anticipated MMO Elder Scrolls Online and the biggest question on everyone’s tongue was “What would happen after reaching Level 50?”. The game’s Creative Director Paul Sage was called upon and he provides us with an in-depth analysis to answer this burning question.


As the game is designed to be played “just the way you want it”. You can make the choices that you want, by taking or ignoring some quests or taking some items while leaving others.

You can go through Cyrodiil (ESO’s PvP zone) and quest, collect resources, go into delves, find Skyshards— the same way you play through PvE. Of course, in Cyrodiil there are player enemies who could ambush you at any time, or maybe you prefer to sneak and be the ambusher. The size of Cyrodiil allows you to play how you want, but with risk…

These choices also reflect upon your character. So if you have risen to the top of your character’s alliance, you can just start over with another faction. This would be well worth the time considering the rewards which you can gain.

At Veteran Rank 1 you can travel anywhere in the first or second alliance you want to go. When you meet the qualifications for opening up the third alliance, the entirety of the current game world is open to you. Yes, it does get harder, but that’s part of the fun and challenge. When you consider that 2/3 of the hand-crafted content and quests are available to you after you hit the level cap of 50, the veteran solo / duo game is huge. Skyshards, quests, delves, Dark Anchors, crafting, collections, achievements—basically everything you enjoyed during the 1-50 game, are all available at these Veteran Ranks.

An “Adventure Zone” was was also talked on

The first ESO Adventure Zone is called Craglorn, a zone that is situated between Hammerfell and Cyrodiil. All content in Craglorn is built for a group of four. The story revolves around a mysterious removal of the constellations from the sky, so the Warrior, the Thief, the Mage, and the Serpent all play a part in unraveling the mystery of Craglorn.

If a group of 4 doesn’t satisfy you, then there is another mode called Trials in which upto 12 players ill be able to take part in. the dungeons will have replay value due to the high level of rewards associated. These trials would be time-managed and not being able to finish the dungeon in the allocated time, would result in a penalty which would affect the score of your group.

Trials. Twelve people fighting through an increasingly difficult experience. A Trial is instanced to your group of twelve. There is a staging area where you can plan your attack and the Trial itself.

In a Trial, you will have a limited number of resurrections, known as a Soul Reservoir. Too many resurrections mean that you have failed the trial. It takes a lot of coordination to survive a Trial. The enemies you face in a Trial will be difficult, while the surroundings are some of the most beautiful places in ESO. Provided you do survive and make it to the end of a Trial, your group might make it to the leaderboard.

If this has aroused your curiosity then just head over to the official blog post for more information.

Elder Scrolls Online a MMORPG developed by ZeniMaxx Online Studios and it is part of the highly acclaimed Elder Scrolls series. The first ever online version of this franchise is scheduled to be released on 4th April for PC and Mac. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 version is expected to make its way to the market in June. Let us know what you think about this!

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