Elite Dangerous Players Finally Discover Alien Life Called ‘Thargoids’

Elite Dangerous is a space exploration simulator from Frontier Developments. The game is available as Early Access for the PC and Xbox One.

Elite Dangerous developers have long teased the existence of Alien Life in the game which has prompted the users of the game to look for it every where. Although no one has managed to encounter any Alien life, this appears to change soon as one user on Xbox One discovered a strange space ship when playing Elite Dangerous.

The user has shared these videos from his Xbox One showing his encounter with the Alien Life, which was then confirmed by another user on PC who also made a video of his encounter, as seen below.

Apparently this Alien species is called ‘Thargoids’ as discovered by the players. This encounter was also confirmed in a tweet by the official account for the game.

This is a promising start for the fans of the series and a big deal because of how long they have been searching for the signs of an extraterrestrial life in the world of Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous is available as early access currently for the Xbox One and PC. It was developed by Frontier Developments.

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