Ellen Page on Beyond Two Souls motion capture: “I worked about four weeks”

Beyond Two Souls is a recently released PlayStation 3 exclusive by David Cage. It received a extremely polarizing set of reviews with scores ranging from 4/10 to perfect 10/10. Beyond Two Souls is perhaps unique in that regard that it will have two big Hollywood stars starring in it: Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Actress Ellen Page talks about her motion capture work in a new interview.

Motion Capture is of course a big part of Beyond Two Souls. Seeing this, we might expect both Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe to put some hefty hours in working for Beyond Two Souls. The budget of the game is reportedly $27 million, which is almost equivalent to a medium-sized Hollywood Blockbuster. District 9’s budget alone was $30 million.

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So what about the work hours for these actors? Ellen Page has explained the amount of work she had to do for motion capture in an interview to ComingSoon.net. She explains that while she had to do most of the acting, the rest of the work was done by another actress. The physical scenes and stunts were mostly performed by another actress. She praises the work and effort of that actress and says that she worked four weeks, 10 to 12 hours everyday, on Beyond Two Souls motion capture.

Okay, so first of all there should be massive shout outs to the other actress that did all of the incredible action and stunts and major fights and all that. The service I could provide was being an actor and the way that I am, but that’s not to say I didn’t do anything physical, I did some physical things of course, but there were some people who put in much more time and an incredible amount of work. So I worked about four weeks and then I probably would do 10 to 12 hours a day, but I mean you work non-stop. It’s not like on a film where the camera is turning around and there’s lighting, so… I don’t know, one would have to do the math I suppose.

Of course, we are only talking about motion capture here. The voice acting might have taken more time. Still, it is incredible to hear that Ellen Page, who is the lead of Beyond Two Souls, had to work on her motion capture for four weeks only.

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