Enter the 3DS world by grabbing a $50 2DS from Gamestop

nintendo 2ds

The Nintendo 3DS easily has the best library of games this portable generation, which is a fact, no matter how much I love my PS Vita. The base 3DS is pretty cheap itself but its younger brother, the 2DS, is available at an unreal price at Gamestop right now.

If you were not aware, all 3DS games work on the 2DS.

Aimed primarily at kids, the 2DS, is available at $80 new but Gamestop is selling refurbished and used units at $50, which is a crazy good deal.

nintendo 2ds

Colors available include Sea Green, Red + Black, Blue + Black, Transparent Red and Transparent Blue so you have a bunch of choices. Units are limited so you may want to grab one soon.

If you were waiting on a good deal to play some of the amazing 3DS games, this is your chance. Gamestop is also selling new 2DS units for $80 bundled with Mario Kart 7 and a 4GB card, a deal worth considering if you’re worried about getting a pre-owned unit.

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