Epic Comments On Allegations of Spyware In Epic Games Store, Confirms Offline Support In 2019

Epic Games store will get offline support in 2019. The Studio head Tim Sweeny has also commented on the allegations that the Epic Games Store is basically spyware.

In a reddit post, Tim Sweeny, studio head and founder of Epic Games, replied back in a thread which was accusing Epic Games of making spyware with the Epic Games Store.

Here is what Tim Sweeny had to say regarding the accusation of spying on customers.

Re Epic Games store: Epic does not share user data with Tencent or any other company. We don’t share it, sell it, or broker access to it for advertising like so many other companies do.

I’m the founder and controlling shareholder of Epic and would never allow this to happen.

The language related to sharing data with the parent companies refers to Epic Games Inc. It’s a US-based company. This language exists because when you buy an Epic game in certain territories (like Europe), the seller of record is our local (e.g. European) subsidiary company for tax purposes, but the data is ultimately stored by Epic Games Inc.

Tencent is not a parent company of Epic. Tencent is an independent company that’s a minority investor in Epic, alongside many others. However they do not have any sort of access to our customer data.

The other language around data in the EULA generally exists to cover the cases where we use third party service providers as part of operating our online services. For example, our game servers and databases are hosted on Amazon Web Services. However these third parties do not have the right to use or access Epic customer data in any way except for providing that service.

He has also confirmed that the store will be offline support later in early 2019.

We’ll be adding offline support to the Epic Games launcher for games that work offline. This is coming in early 2019.

Epic Games Store currently hosts a variety of exclusives and also has Fortnite available on it, which is one of the most popular games currently available in the gaming market. It has helped them generate a record $3 Billion this year.

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