Epic Games acquires Kamu, an anti-cheat and game security company, after partnering up on Fortnite

Epic Games announced via press release today that they’ve acquired Kamu, an anti-cheat and game security company, based out of Finland. The company was purchased for an undisclosed fee and will be right under Epic Games management in their immediate hierarchy.

Kamu is based of out Finland’s Capital, Helsinki, and has multiple services on offer like multiplayer game management, game security, game telemetry and anti-cheat technology. The service is already used by over 100 million PC users, majority of which through Fortnite, which the company has been actively helping Epic Games with for a while now.

Kamu’s team and tools have been key to building a vibrant Fortnite multiplayer experience that’s fair for all players,

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney mentioned that Kamu has been helping make sure that then game’s multiplayer is “fair for all players”.

Kamu’s spokesperson confirmed that the company will continue to operate like it has before its acquisition and continue to offer their service to other customers. Epic Games hopes to use their presence in Helsinki to recruit more help in further developers its industry leading Unreal Engine and other services.

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