Epic Games working to increase Fortnite PS4 Pro Resolution in future update

Fortnite released on PS4 last year but is still yet to take advantage of the additional power that comes with the PS4 Pro. Luckily Epic Games is working to fix that.

In the latest State of Development update, Epic Games announced that they are currently at work to support higher resolutions for the PS4 Pro. Currently the PS4 Pro version of Fortnite runs at 1080p while the base PS4, using a dynamic resolution, averages around 900p.

For those of you playing Fortnite on a PS4 Pro, in the near future we’re adding support for greater than 1080p res when connected to a 4K TV. Plan out that next drop with even more clarity!

Although they didn’t promise any specific resolutions they were aiming for, I wouldn’t be surprised if hit at least 1440p if not 4K. For comparison Fornite on the Xbox One X runs at 4K.

Recently Fornite has been in the news for choosing to bypass Google Play distribution on Android which could end up costing Google around $50 million in lost revenue.

Fortnite is currently playable on a wide variety of platforms including PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS.

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