The Escapists 2 Guide: How To Escape Air Force Con Prison

Escapists 2

The prisons in The Escapists 2 aren’t only on land, as the Air Force Con Prison is a prison in the sky. Regardless of the location of the Prison, the escape is easy.

Similar to our H.M.S Orca Prison escape guide, we will guide players on how to escape the Air Force Con Prison for both, Solo and Multiplayer mode. Both methods of escape are easy, so you should have an easy time regardless of the method you choose.

How To Escape Air Force Con Prison In The Escapists 2:

There are several different ways in which players can escape this prison. We will focus on one escape strategy for both, Solo and Multiplayer.

For the Solo strategy, players will have to complete the Passport to Freedom mission, in order to escape. First thing you have to do is, beat down a guard and get his uniform. Make sure you do this in a secluded area where no one can see you. Wearing the uniform will allow you to move around the plane with ease, as the guard won’t attack you immediately. Now that you have the uniform, you have to look for 1x Circuit Board, 1x Wire, 1x Screwdriver and 2x Battery. With these items, you will be able to craft an Energy Module. With the Energy Module ready, go to the second floor of the plane and go North towards the Computer room. Interact with the Computer and use the Module you crafted. After you have done that, use the Screwdriver and the plane will land. Now you can escape and you are free.

For the Multiplayer escape, players will have to fight for their freedom. With your partner, go to the cockpit of the plane. The cockpit is located on the top floor of the plane, and once you get there, you will have to take out a few guards. Kill the guards and take control of the plane to make your escape.

Hopefully this guide helped you escape the Air Force Con Prison in The Escapists 2. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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