The Escapists 2 Guide: How To Escape Rattlesnake Springs Prison

The Escapists 2

We previously guided players on how to escape the Center Perks 2.0 Prison in The Escapists 2. Among the several different prisons players will go to, is the Rattlesnake Springs Prison. This prison is not as easy to escape, compared to the Center Perks 2.0 Prison.

To escape the Rattlesnake Springs Prison, players will have to find a lot more items, which they will use to craft everything needed to escape. The escape is very simple and easy, but it is time consuming. To escape this prison, players will have to start the mission called Zip It Up, and this guide will help you escape the Rattlesnake Springs Prison with ease.

How To Escape Rattlesnake Springs Prison In The Escapists 2:

As mentioned before, escaping this prison is nowhere as easy as the previous prison in The Escapists 2, so make sure you are ready for it. To start things off, players will need to get their Intellect to 60, and obtain 2x Timber, 1x Screw, 1x String, 1x Glue and 1x Dowel. The Dowel is hard to find, so your best option is to buy it from an inmate. These are all the items you will need to craft a crossbow.

The second item that you will need to craft is a putty and molten plastic, which will allow you to copy and make a key. To craft the putty, players will need Talcum Powder and toothpaste, while crafting the molten plastic will require a lighter and a comb or a toothbrush.

Now comes the hard part. Once you have the required items, you will have to find the guard with the red key. The best way to do this is by beating down every guard in your path. You will eventually find the guard with the red key, but make sure you don’t take the key. Once you spot the guard with the key, he will show up on the mini-map.

When you are in the clear, lure the guard into your cell and beat him up. Tie up the guard, use the putty to get a mould of the key. At this stage, you will have 100 heat, so hide and wait for the heat to go down. Once the heat goes down, use the mould with the molten plastic to make a key.

With the key and crossbow, go to the north side of the prison and you will see red doors. Use the red key to open the doors and run up the stairs to get to the roof. Now use the crossbow to escape, get to the edge of the map and you are free.

Hopefully this guide helped you escape the Rattlesnake Springs Prison in The Escapists 2. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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