The Escapists 2 Guide: How To Escape H.M.S Orca Prison

Escapists 2

There are several different prisons that players will end up in while playing the Escapists 2. One of which is the HMS Orca Prison. We previously guided players on how to escape the Rattlesnake Springs Prison, and this prison is just as easy to escape from.

Similar to previous escapes, escaping this prison will require some items that you can craft. We will guide players on which items to craft and where to find the components to make those items.

How To Escape H.M.S Orca Prison In The Escapists 2:

Like in other prisons, players can escape in several different ways. The HMS Orca Prison has four different escape strategies and we will guide players on how to escape solo or with a friend in multiplayer.

For the solo escape, players will have to complete the Scuba Doo mission. The components required for the item you are making are 1x Duct Tape, 1x Tank of Oxygen and 1x Tubing. Once you have all these components, you can craft the Makeshift Breathing Apparatus. Now go to the 3rd floor and look for an open gap that you can jump out of to escape. The gap is towards the south and you should be able to spot it easily.

For the multiplayer escape, players will have to craft a fake gun. To craft the fake gun, players will have to find ink, soap, wax and a meal tray. Now that you have the fake gun, look for the co-op door on the top floor, near the cells. Go through the doors and onto the chopper to escape the HMS Orca Prison with your friend.

Hopefully this guide helped you escape the H.M.S Orca Prison in the Escapists 2. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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