Europe Getting Ready To Launch PlayStation 4, Stack Of PS4s Shown In Warehouse

PlayStation 4 saw a very huge and successful launch in the history of PlayStation last week in North America. Later confirmed by officials that PlayStation 4 indeed sold one million units to customers in just 24hours of its release was a news to behold.

Now Europe is getting ready for the official launch of PlayStation 4. Gamers have been waiting anxiously for the release and were feeling teased by all the pictures of unboxing the PlayStation 4 with playing games and streaming the content from it. Europe gamers can take more solace that their PS4s have started arriving at the warehouse, ready to be dispatched to the awaiting gamers.

ps4 stacks

ps4europeThe image is from a warehouse of ShopTo retailer in UK. Along with the standard edition packaging of the PlayStation 4, you can also check the Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle that is taller in height compared to the standard edition packaging. The back of the packaging also differs from North American PlayStation 4 packaging. There are also rumours present that European PS4s are “Made in Japan” as opposed to “Made in China” PS4s in North America.

The next-generation is soon to be dawned upon Europe and we can only advise the gamers to brace themselves as PlayStation 4 lands.

PlayStation 4 is scheduled to be released in Europe on November 29.

Have you pre-ordered your PlayStation 4? Have you received your pre-order ahead of the launch date? Let us know in the comments below.


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