Everybody Hates EA

Website Consumerist has gathered once again its battle chart of nominations for *drum roll* Worst Company in America 2014. EA has once again been nominated, much of a surprise? Not really. EA is up on the chopping block against other giants like Microsoft ( seeming called more commonly now days Micro$hill) and ‘ We Love The NSAs Backdoors’ Facebook.

In spite of the waves of hate that smash the walls of EA 24/7, the company hasn’t really made any huge public mistakes since the trainwreck that was the Simcity launch, which really left a bad taste in the mouths of longtime fans, and while the game may be running a little smoother, its still filled with issues like small plots that the company don’t seem to want to address.


But really, is this nomination anything more than  a joke? Twitter user Sean Barton says ‘It’s time again for young men of privilege to display how spoiled they are by voting EA worst US company.’ , with another user Gareth Lewin makes a pretty relivant observation

“EA are the devil, they are literally the worst company in the world. Can someone get me a titanfall beta key please” – My social feeds #fb“.

What do you think of EAs current standing?

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