Everything we know about Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard so far, release date and more

The next chapter in Call of Duty’s life has been revealed and it will be another WW2 shooter in the form of Call of Duty Vanguard.

Sledgehammer Games is making a return this year after being taken out of the Call of Duty cycle for one year. Ironically their last game was a WW2 shooter as well, which was received negatively by the Call of Duty community. But after a lot of updates and overhauls the game got much better by the end of it’s life cycle, it was too late by then though majority of the players had stopped playing.

If Sledgehammer Games brings the type of game they turned WW2 in the end then we are expecting Call of Duty Vanguard will be a pretty good game. That being said, there is not much revealed about the game as of right now. But it’s getting closer to the usual time of the year when Activision reveals the upcoming Call of Duty titles, so be on the lookout for a teaser or reveal trailer in the coming weeks.

Next gen and new engine

The new COD Vanguard will be using the latest engine that was developed for Modern Warfare and Warzone in 2019. And the game is being developed specifically for next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. So the game is going to look absolutely stunning there is no doubt about that and will have very smooth gameplay mechanics thanks to that new engine. If they are able to make great three lane maps then we are looking at a hit COD game after a long time.

What is the release date for Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard?

We should be looking at COD Vanguard in some form really soon as Black Ops Cold War was revealed during the same time last year which was Autumn 2020. However, currently there is no release date for COD Vanguard. But Call of Duty titles are released in October or November so COD Vanguard will definitely be releasing around the same time this year.

All that we know is that Activision’s president (cited by Charlie Intel) confirmed that the game would be launched later in the year. Once more details are revealed we will make sure to update this post with the relevant details.

Let us know what you are expecting from the new Call of Duty title in the comments below.

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