More Evidence Suggests PS1/PS2 Classics Are Coming To PS4

PS1/PS2 Classics for PS4 is a rumor that has been making the rounds recently. It was seen most recently when PEGI rated some of the PS2 games for PS4 including Dark Cloud, Ape Escape and Twisted Metal: Black. This was a rather strange rating since these games were never announced for the PS4 and it only led to the speculation that the previously rumored PS1/PS2 Classics support will be announced for PS4.

Sony recently released a new Star Wars Battlefront bundle for the PS4 which included 4 Star Wars games, three of them were released on the PS2, but they were still advertised with trophy support on the PS4. This pretty much matches up with an earlier patent done by Sony, which supposedly added trophies support for the PS One and PS2 classics.

Now that Star Wars Battlefront is released on the PS4, reddit user Krvavi_Abadas managed to find a PS4 user with access to the bundle and he was able to see the PS2 Star Wars games being streamed on Twitch. The stream confirmed that these games were actually emulated on the PS4 which confirms the earlier rumor that PS1/PS2 games will be natively emulated with trophy support. You can check out the screenshot of the controller layout below.


The reddit user was able to track his PSN ID using his Twtich username and as we can see, his PSN ID has trophies for Star Wars Bounty Hunter, which appears to be a natively emulated game on the PS4 judging from the controller layout in the screenshot above.

Sony will host a brand new event called PlayStation Experience at the start of December. It is highly likely that if they are going to add PS1/PS2 classics support, we will see them at the upcoming event, especially since all evidence points to them getting released for the PS4.

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