The Evil Within 2 Pre-Load Is Now Live, Download Size Revealed

The Evil Within 2 is upcoming horror game from Tango Gameworks. It is being produced by Shinji Mikami who is also the creator of the Resident Evil series. While Mikami has directed the original game, he is not in the director chair for the sequel.

Bethesda Softworks has released a launch trailer of the game today. The game will officially release on October 13th but if you have it pre-ordered on the PS4, Xbox Live or PC, you can now pre-load the game ahead of the launch. The pre-load is live on PS4 right now and you can see its initial and final download size below.

The Evil Within 2 will unlock for all digital users on October 13th. You will be able to play the game after downloading the initial 14 GB while the full game with day 1 patch is around 31 GB.

This is a sequel to the original Evil Within and features the same protagonist, Detective Sebastian. It is a psychological horror where the developers use the mental state of the mind to create some disturbing environment and monsters. While it is primarily an action game, there are plenty of moments of pure survival horror with a good mixture of both elements.

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