Exile’s End Is Set To Launch On PS Vita, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One

Exile’s End was launched for PS Vita and PS4 in North America for $9.99. The game is also available on Wii U and Xbox One. This sci-fi platformer, developed by Magnetic Realms, was officially launched in September, 2015. A few hours ago the dev tweeted out that the game is available now for the PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Wii U.

Exile’s End was designed after platforming standouts of the Commodore 64 era such as Flashback and Another World. The game basically include various adventure-style puzzles, tightly controlled platforming, and dangerous creatures form outer space. Players aim to examine an enormous, interconnected outsider world, and experience a story loaded with ancient riddles.


Critics, however, believe that the game has adopted a rather slow approach. The design itself forces the player to carry out tasks that may become rather time-consuming, ruining the overall experience of the game. Some Communication issues have also been highlighted. Most of the times the game makes players wander around aimlessly before revealing the next progress point. This might lead to exhaustion and frustration among users.

The game is quite good in terms of presentation, and the artwork is consistently admirable. The game makes up in its beautiful presentation what it lacks in gameplay and story.


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