An Extended Look At The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

With The Walking Dead: A New Frontier set to release later this month, Telltale Games has released an Extended First Look for the game at The Game Awards 2016.

The trailer, seen below, dives into the history of our new protagonist Javier before the zombie infestation hit full force. We see him and his family mourning the loss of his father, only to find that he has been reanimated. What ensues is a hectic struggle to keep the reanimated corpse at bay while the family struggles to figure out exactly what is happening. It’s kind of depressing actually.

The third season of the Telltale Walking Dead game series, A New Frontier will not only feature returning protagonist Clementine, now in her early teens, but will also introduce a new playable character named Javier. Choices made over the course of the previous two seasons will also carry over into this season and will help add weight to previously made decisions.


According to images that have been made available online, a few years have passed since the second season and Clementine is now in her early teens. She is seen wearing her iconic hat and seems to be missing part of her left ring finger. She is also protecting a young child, who fans of the series might remember as AJ, the son of Rebecca from season 2.

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The first episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is set for release on 20th December, 2016, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android.

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