External HDD Results In Better Load Times On The Xbox One

The newest firmware update on the Xbox One will allow external HDD support for it. This is a great new feature, especially for those who were already starved for more space on their Xbox One. A user test shows that this also results in improved load times for games on the Xbox One, which should be a good news for those who thought that the load times were higher.

By default, the Xbox One has a 500 GB HDD just like the PS4. It is not exactly a high speed HDD and as such, an external HDD support could easily mean support for better speed drives, and better load times. Now we have finally seen this in action thanks to one user.


Hawk269 shared his load times test with internal and external HDD on gaming forum NeoGAF. According to his calculations, the external HDD load times were an improvement over the internal ones. The improvement isn’t really something smaller but is definitely noticeable. He checked the load times of Ryes Chapter 4: Trial By Fire on both his HDDs and the result can be seen below.

Trial by Fire Load time using Internal HDD : 1.01.55 (one minute, 1.55 seconds)
Trial by Fire Load time using External HDD: 44.49 seconds

This is essentially a 15 to 16 seconds improvement for the external HDD, which should be a good news for the Xbox One users who wanted faster load times.

The Xbox One June firmware update will be publicly released at an unspecified time next month. Currently, it is undergoing a private beta for users who are a member of the preview beta program.

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