Fable Anniversary Won’t Come Out For The Xbox One

Even though the next generation consoles are out. That isn’t stopping some game developers from making last generation games. Fable Anniversary, which comes out on 4th Febuary, is one of these games.

In an interview with Examiner, Lead Designer Tim Timmins said, “Well 18 months ago when we first started these discussions, you basically have three platforms in mind. You have the Xbox 360, you have the PC and you have the Xbox One.”

The team had three platforms, all being options. Timmins says “It was really a no brainer for us at the time because our fan base is on Xbox 360. It would be very difficult for me to have this interview with you, talk about how much this is a game aimed at the fans, and then release it on the Xbox One because our fan base isn’t on the Xbox One yet.”

But Xbox One users still have something to look forward to. Fable Legends will be coming out on the Xbox One.


“We’re working hard on on Fable Legends,” Timmins shares, “that’s going to be our big Xbox One title, which we’ll talk more about that later this year, but for me I want the players of Fable and all of the fans to be able to own every single Fablegame on one platform.”

“I think that’s a really nice way for Fable to round off what’s been an incredibly successful console for us.”

With that, the interview came to an end. Fable anniversary comes out on the 7th of Febuary, 2014.

Abdullah Raza


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