Fable Legends Game Director Comments On Whether The Game Is Always-Online Or Not

Fable Legends is an upcoming Xbox One exclusive and while it might not be a traditional Fable game, it is still uncertain whether it will have some sort of always-online component or not.

In a recent interview to OXM UK, game director of Fable Legends, David Eckelberry answers the question about the game being always-online.

“I don’t know the answer to that. The fact that we want to do a lot of things, a lot of systems on a servers, characters on a server… If it’s online we can monitor you and make sure you don’t edit your character file, or do something nasty there.” says David Eckelberry.

“Because if you’re playing single player, all your accomplishments in the game are going to eventually matter if you’re playing against a villain player, or alongside other heroes. If you’ve somehow cheated your way to victory… so that’s a concern for us. If you’re somehow cheating, online is way for us to track it, because your performance can be measured in the Xbox Live cloud.”

Fable Legends is being developed by Lionhead Studio. It is a online-centric game unlike the previous Fable games, which were offline RPGs with a story.

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