The Facial Animation Behind Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome has impressive facial animation, perhaps, one of the best one from current generation. As it turns out, the company who worked on it also worked on Halo 4 Spartan Ops and Battlefield 4, and as it stands, they have surpassed their own work.

Cubic Motion is the company behind the facial animation of Ryse: Son of Rome, Battlefield 4 and Halo 4 among others. They have worked with a lot of developers ranging from Crytek, Activision, Warner Bros Games to Telltale Studios, Remedy and DICE. They have got a pretty impressive track record for sure.

Cubic Motion has recently came into limelight again for their work on Battlefield 4 and Ryse: Son of Rome. Both of these games have pretty impressive facial animation but Ryse: Son of Rome just takes it to a whole another level. Check out a set of animation gifs below, which highlight the facial animation of Ryse.

Impressed, right?

On their website, Cubic Motion mentions how they work on the facial animation for their project. They outline four ways, using which developers can utilize their work.

  1. Create animation from video, 4D (depth) or audio at revolutionary speed
  2. Facial animation from video performance
  3. Advanced Computer Vision
  4. Facial animation from your audio

Check out more of their work below.

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