Facial Tech Comparison: Killzone Shadow Fall vs Ryse vs Crysis 3

Next generation is almost here. Curious to see how far the graphics have evolved. We compare Killzone Shadow Fall, Ryse and Crysis 3 to see how far the facial tech has evolved for games.

Before starting, let me explain why we included Crysis 3. Even though it is released on current generation systems, Crysis 3 on PC is still regarded as a benchmark for PC graphics. It gives high end rigs a run for their money on ultra quality. The facial tech is also one of the best from previous generation and truly shines on a PC. So keeping this in mind, let us begin our comparison.

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Crysis 3

Lets begin with Crysis 3. The best work of Crytek(graphically) to date. It remains to be seen if Ryse can take the throne for Crytek in term of its graphics.

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Killzone Shadow Fall

The lastest Killzone Shadow Fall trailer not only gave us a glimpse of the story, it also gave us a pretty decent idea of how the graphics fare for the game. While the character renders look stunning, seeing them in-game is even better.

20131023-003302 20131023-003427


Another one of Crytek’s title here. Ryse is definitely shaping up to be one of the best looking next generation game. Its latest trailer was jaw dropping and looked great. It is the only game with the highest character polygon count so far.


Deep Down (Bonus)

While not included in comparison, we have decided to include Deep Down here. The original tech demo for Deep Down looked amazing for sure. But, as mentioned, it was a tech demo and not a game, hence we are not including it in comparison.


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