Falcom shows off next Trails game, built on a new engine, discusses future of the series

We just got our first showing of the next Trails game during the Trails Series 15th Anniversary Broadcast, read on for the full breakdown.

The broadcast was everything a fan of the series could ask for, we got pretty much a confirmation of Falcom working on ports of previous games for the PS4 as well as a look as the next game in the series. We were also shown a glimpse at what the future could hold for The Legend of Heroes series.

The first thing we were shown (via GT) were illustrations of Rixia Mao, Gaius’ younger brother Toma, as well as Scarlett in her Church attire.

Falcom also showed off a full map of the Zemuria continent, which as you can see is huge and there’s a lot to be discovered.

The latest issue of Dengeki Playstation featured main characters from previous games on the cover. The two at the back are supposedly protagonists on the next sub-series, which is rumored to be set in The Republic of Calvard.

Now below are two screenshots from the next Trails game, which I’m sure why you clicked on this article for:

Trails-next tidbits

  • The game’s development started off with a brand new Game Engine, which has allowed the graphics to be improved further compared to previous titles
  • Although you can’t really notice it in the screenshots, the Backgrounds and Character Models are greatly upgraded compared to Cold Steel IV
  • The two screenshots have meaning and are hinting at what the next game could be about
  • The Trails-next game is intended to be a followup to the previous Cold Steel games or as a spin-off. The game is not the next sub-series, that will come sometime later
  • The game will answer questions that fans may have, especially since the Crossbell characters appeared. It’ll answer questions like “What about that person?” or “What did that specific person do at that time or what they were planning?”
  • Trails-next is being developed for the PS4

Personally it looks like Falcom will be making a Trails of Cold Steel V, although Cold Steel IV was supposed to be the final game, afterall it was called the End of Saga.

What do you think this new game could be and what could it be about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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