Falcom teases PS4 ports of Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure and older titles

Falcom has teased PS4 ports in the form of their “Evolution” releases for Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure and older games which are currently not available on the platform.

Company president Toshihiro Kondo shared his desire on bringing older Trails games to the PS4 during the Trails Series 15th Anniversary Broadcast.

Kondo also talked about the future of the series, full details on that here.

Falcom has in the past re-released several games as “Evolution” titles which were enhanced versions of the original for newer platforms. They’d often include new art, voice overs and slight gameplay tweaks.

Kondo stated that they “don’t like how the options to play our old works disappear with time”. He further claim “We believe our stories are timeless, but the consoles change over time. Due to this we want to provide options to play them in some ways. The Trails (Kiseki) series will obviously continue, so it’ll be nice to check out previous games in the series. Currently we want to make something that can be played on the PS4, we’re working on it behind the scenes.”

Although he didn’t mention which game, or games, Falcom are working on “behind the scenes”, its safe to assume the Crossbell games could be one of them. The Crossbell Saga games, Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure never made it to the West but storywise are a very important part of the overarching plot. In an effort to bringing Trails of Cold Steel to the PS3 as soon as possible, the Crossbell games were essentially forgotten. This could be a great opportunity to bring the games over to the West.

Kondo further mentioned that porting the game isn’t hard but they’re hampered by the graphic rendering methods.

If we’re simply talking about a straight port, it wouldn’t be hard, but if the graphics rendering methods change, then it becomes hard.

On releasing something for the latest hardware i.e the PS4, Kondo confirms that he wants to “promise to release it in some form”.

Will you buy Evolution versions of older Trails games? Which of the older games do you want to play on the PS4 the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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