Fallout 4 Guide: How to find and recruit all 12 Companions

Companions have always been a huge part of Fallout and that stays the same with Fallout 4. In Fallout 4 players can recruit up to 12 companions but can miss a few due to the open nature of the game. Check out our guide below to find and recruit all 12 Fallout 4 companions.

Note: There are very minor spoilers in the guide below, read at your own discretion.

The companions listed are in the order you will usually be able to recruit them in Fallout 4, although depending on your playstyle you may recruit someone earlier or later.


Dogmeat (Dog): Dogmeat will walk up to you as you enter the Red Rocket truck stop after exiting Vault 111

Codsworth (Mister Handy Robot): Can be recruited near your house in Sanctuary hills.

Preston Garvey (Human): Can be recruited after completing the When Freedom Calls Main Quest, its just after you leave Sanctuary at the beginning of the game.

Curie (Mrs. Handy Robot): Can be found at Vault 81.

Piper (Human): She can be recruited after giving her an interview in Diamond City.

Nick Valentine (Synth): Is recruited after completing the main quest Unlikely Valentine obtained in Diamond City.

Paladin Danse (Human/Synth): Help him clear the Cambridge Police Station in Boston after listening to the distress call nearby. After completing a few of his quests he’ll join you on your adventure.

Deacon (Human): Can be found at Railroad HQ in the Old North Church.

Cait (Human): Can be found at Combat Zone in Boston.

John Hancock (Ghoul): Located near the Scollay Square in Goodneighbor.

MacCready (Human): Recruitable after completing the quest Long Road Ahead in Goodneighbour.

Strong (Super Mutant): Can be recruited after completing the quest Curtain Call where you have to rescue him from the top of Trinity Tower.

X6-88 (Synth): Recruited further along in the main story as you infiltrate the Institute.

Who’s your favourite Fallout 4 companions? Mine’s has to be either Dogmeat or Nick Valentine. Let us know your favourite in the comments below.

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